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Highly Recommended! Room Only Plan

2016/08/06(Sat)- 2018/07/30(Mon)
[ Features ]
- Great access to Kyoto Art Center
- Close to Kyoto Station
- Easy access to Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (World Heritage Site)
- Beautiful scenery
- Experience Japanese culture

[ Facilities ]
- Complimentary access : WiFi, internet, newspaper [Morning,Evening]
- Complimentary : welcome beverage, Japanese confectionery

[ Activities ]
- Experience Japanese culture : (visit shrines and temples, visit museums, wear kimono / yukata, ozashiki-asobi (be entertained by geisha), tea ceremony)
- other : (sightseeing within the city , Convenient for tourism at Kyoto. Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto)

[ Reminder and Conditions ]
*Recommended for guests who will enjoy exploring the area and eating their meal in the vicinity.

Breakfast Plan

2016/12/28(Wed)- 2018/07/31(Tue)
[ Meals ]
- Breakfast : every day during stay
Total: 2 Plan(s) (1-2)

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